Top 86 NFT Influencers to Follow On Twitter for 2022

The NFT mania has been taking over the internet in 2021. With a gargantuan market that has rapidly grown in the past year and a community that has grown exponentially since its inception in the early 2010s. In fact, within three years, the NFT market has bloomed into a multibillion industry in the 2020s. 

Statistics have uncovered that within the span of three years, the NFT industry has grown tenfold.The scene has seen transactions that made waves all over the globe with record sale after record sale -- peaking at the sale of  69-million-dollar artwork, inscribing the biggest NFT sale in history.

This digital phenomenon has seemingly become a scavenger hunt for the next cyber Mona Lisa has opened doors for collectors and artists around the globe; some of which have ultimately led to transactions that moved millions of dollars from one account to the next. 

Examples of such transactions in this billion-dollar pursuit of the next modern gem are the $69.3-million Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann’s NFT artwork for that broke the internet, the prehistoric Jack Dorsey autographed tweet -- recognized to be the first one the social network founder ever made-- that attracted nearly three million dollars, and the Grimes collection that sold for a hefty six million dollars.

Beeple’s chef-d'oeuvre has reached values that would rival the value of some of the world’s greatest treasures. One of Claude Monet’s greatest works, the Nympheas, a treasure in the rarified air of Van Gogh and Kahlo Frida originals, was sold for $44 million in 2014. Staggering as this price is, the impressionist painting still sold for $15 million less than the digital jewel. 

How could digital artwork reach values that overshadow world marvels? This astonishing rise in the value of digital assets and NFTs are borne from the wonders of blockchain technology and its capability to validate the originality of a digital piece of work. 

What are NFTs?

The entirety of the NFT market is a phenomenon-turned-market-fixture that solidified its own market through constant evolution powered by an enthusiastic and supportive community. 

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique assets that are stored and “minted” through blockchain technology. Through blockchain technology, the same innovation that fuels cryptocurrencies, NFT are made unique and irreplaceable by a feature called “smart contracts.” This feature allows digital assets to be verifiably original and unique, making digital artwork, videos, graphics, collectibles, and many other things to be bonafide NFTs. 

Through the blockchain serving NFTs, a public ledger is accessible to users. This public ledger exhibits the entire transaction history of a certain asset and allows art and other works to become traceable and artists and collectors accountable for every purchase. As one of the most secure innovations the world has ever seen so far, collectors, artists, and enthusiasts can trade, sell, and buy NFTs without fearing breaches, cheating, and even hacking.

NFTs and Social Media

Social media, the field of fleeting trends and one-hit wonders, has also succumbed to the fever that is the rise of NFTs. The New Yorker even wrote that, in the thicket of the craze, ‘apes have taken over Twitter.’

The 2500-worded feature was written as a hat tip to the market sensation called The Bored Ape Yacht Club. Released in April 2021, the NFT made waves all throughout the bird app as owners of the token changed their display pictures into colorful primates flourishing a variety of flamboyant and unique designs that showcase a diverse array of hats, clothes, accessories, and even mutations.

The biggest social networking company site in the world has also taken part in the revolution as they shift towards becoming colossal contributors to the development of the Metaverse. Once the Facebook company, Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of the social network, transitioned to “Meta” in 2021.

As the foremost communities used in the exchange of ideas on the internet, the social media giants have been recognized to be deft in adapting to the growing circles of blockchain and crypto communities. These community-building mediums are also the channels of choice in which thought leaders of the NFT industry share insights and updates that occur in the NFT and crypto spaces.

Whether you’re a collector, artist, or even just an enthusiast, following visionaries of the field to keep yourself updated on the latest developments and occurrences in the crypto space would surely be beneficial as both information-gathering methods or just leisurely activity.

In the spirit of awareness and information, here are 100 Twitter accounts that help even industry insiders stay up to date in the most recent sitreps from crypto, NFT, and blockchain communities. Tweets from these accounts, as the kids say these days, are tea – right off the kettle.

Beeple (@beeple)

Widely considered to be one of the most prominent NFT artists of the decade, Beeple also runs a popular and inspiring Twitter accounts. Beeple’s feed is home to many images showing his progress on projects. As one of the most sought-after names in the NFT space, he also disseminates messages of encouragement to inspire his following.

Throughout the years, Beeple has garnered 527,000 followers. As a renowned NFT creator, he shares his insights on other artists’ artwork and keeps his followers updated on the developments inside the NFT space. From time to time, Beeple also shares his thoughts on important matters for the sake of information and perspective.

Rarible (@rarible)

It would be an absolute travesty should this list not include an actual NFT marketplace. Rarible, one of the finest choices for NFT marketplaces, mans an account on the bird app that posts updates about the industry consistently.

As one of the premier websites out there, Rarible is often at the center of the commercial scene of the NFT industry, administering the transactions of intellectual property through ERC-721 tokens.

With a following that reaches up to over 299,700 followers, Rarible shares the most recent updates in their platform, trends in the NFT community, issues in crypto circles, and development for the future. Rarible also shares content from other creators and has even had the reputation of willingness to sponsor blockchain-related projects; usually events.

NFT Lately (@NFTLately)

NFT Lately sits among the best NFT newsletters on the world wide web. Through their network, their social media accounts, particularly Twitter, also feature news about NFTs, the latest releases, and most recent updates, and more.

Ty Smith (@TyDanielSmith)

Ty Smith is an influencer who does not shy away from making his thoughts on topics revolving around NFTs known. As Managing Director of Coinbound Ty Smith’s takes is nothing short of credible and compelling. As the fruit of his involvement in the crypto scene and NFT communities, his opinion and insights on matters of importance in the space are persuasive and valuable.

Through his activities in the NFT space, he was able to establish the Coinbound podcast and an agency that has represented some of the biggest brands in the world.

His Twitter account, with a following of over 17,000 people, shares updates about blockchain right off conferences. Ty also posts about the global economic conditions and the role NFT plays in the big picture.

DCLBlogger (@DCLBlogger)

Matty or Twitter handle DCLBlogger, is, in his own words, an NFT-obsessed content creator. Being featured in big, global publications like Coindesk and Reuters, and business guru GaryVee, Matty claims to be the prime blog for learning about the ins and outs of trading crypto collectibles.

Matty’s Twitter account is highly active as he tweets about NFT-focused content. He often publishes his thoughts about news from the crypto community, as well as his thoughts and insights on trading ventures and the highly volatile NFT market.

Alex Becker (@zssbecker)

Initially, Alex Becker cast a wide net of content for all things crypto-related through his Youtube channel. After a while, he niched down to the NFT scene and transitioned his coverage and activity into the same space as well.

In a collaboration with a fellow crypto influencer, EllioTrades, they launched an NFT project called Neo Tokyo Identities. The NFT has unconventional and unique minting mechanisms in place that involve riddle-solving to get whitelisted and get the chance to mint. The riddles are posted on Discord servers and Twitter for collectors and investors to see and enjoy.

The riddles are cryptic and are specifically refined and conceptualized for the Neo Tokyo Identity NFT. 

One of the cryptic tweets from Alex Becker on minting a Neo Tokyo Identity. As of mid-November, the price of one Neo Tokyo Identity is 12.87 ETH or around $55,000. Alex is also working on a new NFT gaming venture simultaneously with the development of Neo Tokyo Identity.

EllioTrades (@elliotrades)

EllioTrades is the mind behind Superfarm as its co-founder. Superfarm is a crypto-centric platform that assists users in launching and creating NFTs with very little coding complexities. In conjunction with this endeavor, he also runs EllioTrades Crypto. EllioTrades Crypto is a channel that monitors updates and events of NFT matters and communities. His social platform carries his advocacies of education as his content is driven by informative data that disseminate awareness and know-how to his followers. EllioTrades’ mission is to build the reputation of the NFT space and make it simpler for general audiences to hopefully broaden understanding and awareness to a broader market.

EllioTrades is also among the big names who jumped aboard the Bored Ape Yacht Club Collection craze. His entry into the notable Bored Ape Yacht Club project paid off as its floor price is currently set at 48 ETH  or about $200,000).

Brett Malinowski (@thebrettway)

Fervent enthusiast Brett Malinowski is a rising content creator in NFT communities. With a following of around 38,000 people on Youtube and over 51,000 followers on Twitter, Brett routinely posts about news on the NFT community and focuses on educational and informative content.

Brett often centers his recommendations around less prominent projects that have potential. He’s also managing the Mushroom Club NFT, a collective formed by members who search for NFT projects to share; those who have good finds are rewarded.

Brett is also known to have invested in the controversial Jungle Freaks by Trosley. One of the NFT projects Brett was known to have once taken an interest in was Jungle Freaks by Trosley. At its peak, Jungle Freak floor price was around 1-2ETH. Its value drastically dropped to 0.5ETH as the artist was discovered to have published racist comics in the past, dragging the NFT with its creator’s name.

RyandCrypto (@ryandcrypto)

Similar to Brett, RyandCrypto is an avid enthusiast of the NFT market. On social media, he often focuses on directing attention to less-known NFT projects. RyandCrypto is very active in sharing his insights on projects as he does his best to educate followers on potential scam schemes and how to detect them. At present, RyandCrypto has over 47,000 followers on Twitter who all benefit from his crypto wisdom and takes on the NFT market.

JRNYCrypto (@JRNYcrypto)

As one of the biggest crypto channels on Youtube, JRNYCrypto is highly visible in sharing news and updates about the crypto scene. Boasting over 600,000 subs on the video-sharing site, he also authors news about NFT and altcoins.

JRNYCrypto posts about two to three videos every week to share his thoughts on the latest developments in the NFT and crypto space in general. In one of his recent videos, he forecasted a rise in NFT trading volumes and collectors, artists, and fellow enthusiasts should be ready for it when it comes.

Punk6529 (@punk6529)

NFT collector punk6529 is a well-known influencer in the NFT scene with over 160,000 followers on the bird app. Through his social media platforms, he shares his ventures about NFT collecting and the opening of his collection on He also shares his insights about the latest events in the NFT scene through Twitter and other social media accounts.

Punk6529 is known for his hard-nosed objective takes on the NFT community’s state of affairs. He also walks the walk, having a highly-acclaimed gallery to match his zealous insights. Punk6529 is also informative as he is noted for being able to give a fundamental understanding of the inner working of NFTs through his threads. His eloquence allows the less-informed to gain a better understanding of the industry through simpler terms. His mission is to make an exhibition out of all the artwork he’s collected throughout the years in what he calls the 6529 Museum.

Pranksy (@Pranksy)

Considered to be one of the OGs of the NFT market, Pranksy shares her expertise and insights on news about the community through her social media accounts. Her tweets also cover updates on her projects alongside industry matters that keep her followers up to date.

Pranksy is co-founder and owner of her venture, NFT Boxes. NFT Boxes are crypto-based packages personally mixed and matched by Pranksy herself. Through her product, she aims to share amazing yet less known NFT works, provide personalized recommendations to customers, and shed some light on emerging artists, while still acquiring goods from the hottest artists in the scene.

Each box has a digital collectible piece from a freelance graphic designer, one product from a headline artist, six to seven carefully selected art pieces, two NFTs that come from existing projects, and a ‘key’ that can be collected for the redemption of the special December box for free once all 10 of the ‘keys’ are collected.

The boxes are carefully curated every month to follow a theme. Selecting NFTs from talented artists all over crypto circles, Pranksy personally handpicks what assets become included in the boxes.

Zeneca_33 (@Zeneca_33)

Quite simply, Zeneca_33’s activity on Twitter is summarized right in his bio: “Thinking, writing, and speaking about NFTs.”

As an avid NFT enthusiast, Zeneca_33 nurtured a Discord community where collectors, artists, and fellow aficionados can exchange and share information about the growing industry. Through his Twitter account, he talks about NFT projects that pique his interest and explore the changes and forecasts on price floors.

In November 2021, he released his own NFT project; and through a thread pinned right on his account, he shared adventures, lessons, and experiences he had as he worked on the venture.

DeeZe (@DeezeFi)

Just by the looks of his neat CryptoPunk display picture on Twitter, DeeZe is just oozing with NFT charisma.

DeeZe is known for being an early collector of NFT that can be considered high-caliber – acquiring rare hauls in the rarified air of the coveted CryptoPunks. He is popular for being the community manager of Fractional Art, which, according to their own website, is “a decentralized protocol where NFT owners can mint tokenized fractional ownership of their NFTs.” With a following of over 122,000 people, he has built a platform where he shares his passion for photography NFTs. DeeZe also has a broad gallery of NFTs that he has collected throughout years of activity. In his mission to educate new audiences, he uses Twitter to host top artists and photographers and create a space for learning and entertainment.

Farokh.eth (@farokh)

Farokh.eth, as aptly summarized in his Twitter bio, is the founder of Rug Radio, an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and community builder. He is also a long-time NFT enthusiast who loves Cool Cats and CryptoPunks.

He is also widely known as one of the youngest Instagram influencers to gather almost 150 million audiences for his social media agency, GoodLife. Forbes magazine also listed him as one part of the Top 15 influencers you should follow in 2017. In 2021, Farokh was a pioneer and major proponent in the actualization of  Clubhouse. Through the platform he helped build, he broke ground on a regular show that revolves around the NFT scene.

Farokh.eth is an avid collector of quality NFTs like Cool Cats, Bored Apes, and Crypto Punks. At one point, the NFT community was shocked to find out that he lost access to his wallet that had approximately 250+ ETH worth of NFTs. Despite such tragic circumstances, however, he is still recognized as one the most famous supporters of NFTs.

MEV Collector (@mevcollector)

MEV Collector is famous for extreme feats in the NFT space. By just flipping NFT, he was able to rake in 800 ETH within 30 days. Without a shadow of a doubt, MEV Collector is one of the savviest traders and enthusiasts in the scene.

Boasting 2500 assets approximately, MEV Collector is one of the biggest collectors in the NFT industry. For a single collection, he almost made a 30,000% gain from just Loot Project. According to a recent tweet, his success is made possible by a religious adherence to smart money and trusted data. This, according to him, is the secret to massive returns in short timeframes.

MEV Collector was also an early member of The Bored Ape Yacht Club and got in on On1Force early. By constantly working on the grind and following smart buys, MEV Collector believes that anyone can replicate the same success he’s had throughout his year of activity. Through the bird app, he shares updates on what is visible for him on-chain. He also uses etherscan to track information and data with efficiency.

Beanie (@beaniemaxi)

As one of the fastest-growing influencers out there with over 152,000 followers on Twitter. Beanie’s rapidly growing platform is home to his opinions and insights on the many projects he’s interested in. Many of his followers are around to hear about what he thinks about certain events and NFTs in the market.

On many occasions, Beanie shares his platform with other OG traders and collectors. Beanie launched Beanie Capital, a platform advocating for supporting projects on the rise, as well. Beanie Capital mostly aims to highlight projects in the NFT and Defi space.

Commended as one of the trailblazers of the NFT space, Beanie came in hard for S0tier NFTs like CryptoPunks and Meta Hero. His Cool Cats collection has also been forecasted to have tripled in value.

RealMissNFT (@RealmissNFT)

One more must-follow account on Twitter is RealMissNFT. RealMissNFT is an avid supporter of NFT artists and musicians alike and promotes projects and assets she takes interest in through her Twitter account. With more than 102,000 followers in the bird app as of writing, RealMissNFT, who also works as a column writer for NFT plazas, shares the most recent updates in crypto and NFT communities. She also participates in trends and shines a light on creators for a week.

Her activity on Twitter is often inspirational for many content creators as she frequently shows her appreciation and encouragement for less popular artists in her feed. She also shares up-and-coming NFT collections that she thinks have potential.

Cozomo de Medici (@CozomoMedici)

Before the shocking exposition that unveiled the man behind the Cozomo de Medici moniker, the Twitter NFT influencer was, first, anonymous. Now, all of the internet knows that the mysterious Cozomo de Medici, the NFT extraordinaire, is legendary rapper Snoop Dogg.

Most followers wouldn’t have found out too if he hadn’t revealed it himself by sending a single ETH from this account. One of music history’s biggest names is now slowly building a follower base big enough to cause shifts in the market. With the sheer number of his followers, his social media activity has gathered the power to influence the fortune of artists and collectors in the NFT space. With a pseudonym inspired by a 15th-century banker who revolutionized the financial systems to become the wealthiest and most powerful families in Italy, Snoop follows through with an NFT valued at approximately $17 million. He doesn’t necessarily have the biggest collection out there but each of the assets he acquired has seemingly become gold.

Redlion News, in a recent tweet, named Snoop among the Top 10 NFT influencers of 2021. He was listed as the 6th best influencer to follow for the year, joining an elite group in the caliber of Pranksy, who placed first; Beanie who followed; punk6529; DCLBlogger; GMoneyNFT; punk2476; seedphrase; punk4156; and j1mmyeth.

Peruggia (@peruggia_v)

From the profile picture and down to the feed, Peruggia’s passion for CryptoPunks certainly shines through. With a continuously growing fanbase, Peruggia’s Twitter account operates with anonymity. As of writing, their following has grown to nearly 30,000 users.

Despite being one of the older collectors of CryptoPunks, very little is known about his identity. Through his social media platforms, Peruggia shares his knowledge about the NFT market and the future of the industry with some forecasts. What makes Peruggia’s social media platform unique is that they don’t share their collection – unlike many other social media influencers. However, his commentaries and insights are heavily respected in the NFT community. His wide connection with top entrepreneurs in the industry also adds some mystery to their identity. Their social media activity also helps followers gain a better understanding of the mechanisms that make smart money tick in the world of NFT.

Unlike many social media influencers, Peruggia does not disclose his collection, but his thought leadership is well respected in the community. His connections with top entrepreneurs in the Crypto and NFT space are a big plus. You can get a better understanding of how smart money works in the NFT world.

Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)

GaryVee or Gary Vaynerchuk has taken his involvement in the crypto community and NFT space to a new level with the release of his first NFT collection, “VeeFriends.” When it comes to a list of NFT influencers, it wouldn’t be ideal – or fair – to not have GaryVee included. Gary Vaynerchuck has earned a reputation of being an explorer, diving and analyzing trends as they arise.

In the early 2020s, GaryVee realized the potential of the rising NFT market. In 2021, he assembled one of the finest collections in the world, established and minted his own NFT, and became one of the most-followed people on several media platforms. His social media platforms are rife with highly-informative ensembles of videos that range from the basics to the complex concepts in the crypto scene. GaryVee also walks viewers through techniques that will help collectors appraise projects.

For the newbies of the NFT space, GaryVee is one of those influencers that will help you develop a better understanding of the space and community. His influence in the NFT community can shape the market.

Celebrities like Logan Paul and Odel Beckham Jr. have looked to and followed Gary as they each pursued their own NFT ventures. So if you’re looking to get a hang of the ropes of the NFT space, GaryVee is simply one of those influencers you just have to follow.

Andrew Wang (@andrwwang)

Andrew Wang’s Twitter is filled with excellent compositions that update his followers about the recent developments in the NFT space. He was a writer who has composed quality articles for The Verge, Washington Post, and Insider. His platform, followed by over 73,000 Twitter users, is brimming with educational content that can help his followers get a better understanding of the different nuances that go on in the NFT space.

One of his more recent articles dives deep into the topic of NFT scammers. As a highly recommendable piece for seasoned NFT collectors or enthusiasts and neophytes alike, it is apparent how knowledgeable and insightful Andrew has become as he developed his acumen in the NFT market.

Through Twitter spaces and his other social media platforms, Andrew Wang shares his insights with fellow collectors and enthusiasts while engaging his followers at the same time. He also utilizes the thread function to share his wisdom with his audiences.

Andrew has also shared that he is a collector himself and is particularly interested in the Cool Cats NFT. At the moment, according to his bio, he is writing “across the metaverse” and is developing what he calls the “NFT Athletic Club.” In a pinned tweet, he shared an article he wrote that features Justin Aversano through TIME, which he entitled, “The Door is Open Now.”

DCInvestor (@iamDCinvestor)

Aftab Hossain, more prominently known as DC Investor, is the proud owner of punk294. DCInvestor has had a lengthy history of adopting top-tier collections like Ringers, AutoGlyph, XCopy, and Chromie Squiggle. His gallery, filled with such top-of-the-shelf NFTs is certainly something to behold and speaks of his crypto knowledge and trade suave.

His social media accounts also reflect the same renowned NFT-savvy persona he’s been celebrated for. DCInvestor’s insights on Twitter, in particular,  has served as enthusiasts and aspiring collectors’ guide for the NFT community. The content he publishes regularly aid the novices of the industry gain more clarity on what’s happening in this young yet volatile industry.

His bird app account has accumulated over 150,000 followers and it continues to grow. DCInvestor has become a respected elite in the industry as much of today’s collectors worth their salt would recognize Aftab Hossain as a man of broad understanding.

DCInvestor’s insights frequently tackle matters that view NFTs from a macro point of view. He is also known for bold predictions on the rising value of projects and gives out accurate forecasts for appraisals.

4156 (@punk4156)

4156 has been riding with the CryptoPunks for a long time – the profile picture should be self-explanatory. He’s a maestro when it comes to everything that goes on in the NFT space and he shares his perspective on current events and auction activities with his followers on social media.

4156 is also notorious for incredible feats in the NFT community. In order to acquire CryptoPunk 4156, 4156 had to actually spend millions of dollars to purchase it. The whole ordeal was so known throughout the community, a song was written about him. 4156 is also a passionate fan of the XCOPY rare collection. He considers it to be the masterpiece of the century and stated that “Reflection,” by XCOPY himself, sits among his favorite pieces of all time.

Loopify (@Loopifyyy)

An “investor in something called non-fungible tokens & JPEG enthusiast.” This is how Loopify describes himself on Twitter. But in truth, Loopify is highly-acclaimed for being far more than just an ordinary investor.

Founder of – not one – but two noteworthy NFT projects that are, simply put, hot right now. The NFT market has been buzzing about two highly coveted projects called TheTreeverse and Interleave.

TheTreeverse was gained traction as an NFT collectibles project. However, as it rose in fame and acclaim, it fully transitioned into a bonafide metaverse. With a 2D-themed, open-world design that allows NFT owners to interact and personalize a wide array of elements in the metaverse, the project has only become bigger and more beloved by the crypto community. Future developments are geared towards creating a play-to-earn mechanism for the metaverse as forecasts discover that blockchain gaming is seemingly becoming the next big thing in the NFT industry and its future.

Loopify is also at the helm of a company called Interleave. Interleave is a production company whose mission is to bring life to 3D animated films that will feature different NFTs. His threads are loved by the community that follows him. Once a mere follower and enthusiast of the space, Loopify has grown to become an active investor, a content creator, and a founder of several projects. His following has grown to about 124,000 people and has only continued to grow since.

Flur (@flurnft)

Flur is among the biggest players in the NFT industry with a collection of over 4500 assets. He runs an eccentric Twitter account that flexes nearly 255,000 followers. He is an avid NFT collector with several S-tier pieces from CryptoPunks, The Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, and The Mutant Ape Yacht Club.

In his bio, he proudly flaunts his interest in Meme Coin Collection that matches his current Twitter handle “Flur (Shushing face) | NFTs NFTs NFTs Memes Memes Memes.” His eccentricity also leads to good notoriety as he is famous for spontaneous give-aways. From free NFTs to tons of cash, Flur makes it rain. At one point, his Twitter bio announced that he had given away a total of $500,000 worth of goods.

He is a hyper-active investor and it bodes well for the community to watch out for what he invests in next. His tweets drive enthusiasts and collectors toward new and potentially big up-and-coming projects, making Flur and all of his eccentricities, definitely worth a follow.

Seedphrase (@seedphrase)

Formerly known as Danny, Seedphrase is an NFT-collector who found success in the long grind. He has expanded his activities to DJing and is enjoying life to the fullest. Redlion also listed him as one of the Top 10 best NFT influencers to follow, joining the elite list that include industry legends like Pranksy, Cozomo de Medici, Beanie, punk6529, DCLBlogger, GMoneyNFT, punk2476, punk4156, and j1mmyeth.

Seedphrase changed his life by grinding early in the crypto market. He was an early investor of bitcoin and several many other altcoins that eventually broke the Top 10 highest market caps for cryptocurrencies. Seedphrase also did well on betting on tokens, so he’s doing the very same thing with non-fungible tokens.

His history dates back to the time when Axie NFTs were only $200 pop and not too many people were on the game just yet. On his adventures, he struck gold on top-tier Axies that resulted in incredible returns. Seedphrase also caught CryptoPunk fever and owns one of the rarest punks in existence. He spent over $1.5 million on his CryptoPunk collection. At in point, he was able to amass 22 different CryptoPunks.

Keyboard Monkey (@KeyboardMonkey3)

As the NFT market reached record heights in January, Keyboard Monkey had just tinkered his Twitter account. Despite that, by the year’s end, he has garnered nearly 110,000 followers. His Twitter content revolves around matters that go on in the crypto space. He describes himself as an “equity pusher extraordinaire, illiquid jpeg trader.” And as an equities trader who specializes in short-term trading, any seasoned collector out there would be best off giving his bird app account a follow. He also posts forecasts and commentaries on the latest updates so you get a lot of value from one follow. As a bonus, he also makes discounts available for his followers through his feed; so watch out for those referral links.

Artchick.eth (@punk2476)

Artchick.eth has been ripping up Twitter since 2018. As one of the hottest NFT enthusiasts in 2021, she was crowned as one of the 10 best people to follow on the NFT space by Redlion with Pranksy, Cozomo de Medici, Beanie, punk6529, DCLBlogger, GMoneyNFT, seedphrase, punk4156, and j1mmyeth.

Through the years, Artchick.eth has showcased her NFTs through a Digital Art Collector website. Her expertise has been widely respected as she posts instructional threads on her Twitter feed and is always insightful on the NFT community’s state of affairs. Through the years, she has become one of the biggest names in the game, generating over 128,800 followers.

Brycent (@brycent_)

Brycent made a name for himself as a premier professional Axie Infinity trainer. His primary channels were Youtube and Twitch. As his platform started to grow bigger and bigger, his Twitter account also expanded his audience, solidifying his status as an NFT influencer. With over 134.600 followers, Brycent continuously pushes the boundaries of the Axie Infinity community. With the mantra, “Become the Impossible,” Brycent empowers fellow NFT gamers to push their limits.

He is the co-founder of the Loot Squad Scholarship that helps enthusiasts and aspiring youngbloods by lending three Axies to jumpstart their game. The scholarship is well-loved in the NFT game circuits and has helped players in underdeveloped countries learn more about the NFT space. Through this program, scholars were able to take a chance in crypto and leave a hard life behind.

Brycent currently has many projects going on, including a Twitch-based show called Axie Fireside Chat where he converses with guests about the latest developments on Axie Infinity.

Morten (@Mortpoker)

The Founder of Airdrop Alert himself, Morten is an upcoming influencer in his own right. Despite a relatively low follower count on Twitter, Morten is equipped with a platform that allows him to reach a wide audience. Based in the Netherlands, Morten is an excellent poker player who loves to travel the world. Through his travels, he was able to learn about the rise of crypto and NFTs.

Through social media platforms and his very own website, he publishes news about the NFT space and shares his two cents with his readers about anything that goes on in the crypto community. On Twitter, he converses with his followers and shares his crypto exploits with all 9,000 of his audiences.

Antoni Tudisco (@antonitudisco)

Antoni Tudisco has always been distinguished as a man of exquisite taste. Before transitioning into an esteemed NFT influencer and blue-chip crypto-artist, he was already vaunted as a complex digital artist with distinguished style. The colorful style that this maestro has developed through years of professional work has attracted the attention of world-class brands like Nike and Kellogs.

The designer and eye for art in Antoni Tudisco opened when he was 13 years old. He spent hours perfecting the look of his MySpace page and eventually, things fell into place. Now he has a collaboration with music A-lister Steve Aoki on NFT crypto-jewelry. Antoni Tudisco has more than 8,000 followers on Twitter, but it’s not an accurate representation of his actual fame in the crypto space.

Many enthusiasts hold him in the same air as legends like Pak, XCOPY, and Beeple. Such is the skill of the man named Antoni Tudisco.

Pak/Archillect (@muratpak)

Longevity has always been at the very top of Pak’s resume. Even before the rise of NFTs, Pak has been in the business of professional artistry. But Pak reached new levels of fame when NFTs broke the market. As, arguably, the most prominent and best-selling artist in the NFT art space, Pak has become a generational NFT influencer and blue-chip artist followed by nearly 300,000 Twitter users.

In his long list of career highlights, the best ones were probably that one time Pak was partly responsible for the $80-million increase in the NFT market in late 2020, the $17-million purchase of his artwork via Sotheby’s, and, at some point, becoming the artist with the biggest amount of sales in NFT art history – yes, surpassing Beeple’s record in the process.

Despite this repertoire filled with history-makers and groundbreakers, Pak’s identity remains unknown. He is active in.

SlimeSunday (@slimesunday)

Are you over 18 years of age? No? This would be the best time to turn back.

Many of SlimeSunday’s works feature the human body in all its glory. Yes – all its glory. Mike Parisella, or more recognized as the fabled Slime Sunday, is among the industry’s leading artists. His work revolves around provocative styles that explore the human body, accentuated by psychedelic elements.

He is among the 10 best-selling artists in the world when it comes to NFT art. Amazingly, he is also among the 20-best-selling artists of all time through another entity called SSx3LAU, a partnership with a fellow industry elite named 3LAU. Together, with SlimeSunday’s visual prowess and 3LAU’s music production, the duo was a force to be reckoned with, tallying record numbers through their joint productions.

SlimeSunday’s talents have also earned him collaboration with global brands like Playboy and Apple. A true visionary sitting among the elite of the NFT industry.

Lil Miquela (@lilmiquela)

It would be a disservice to Lil Miquela if I were to ruin the surprise so before you move forward, I suggest you give her TikTok or Twitter a visit. Done? Would you believe me if I were to tell you that she isn’t real? Yes? Well, the same couldn’t be said about the several influencers and Twitter users who debated about her existence.

Lil Miquela has been dancing into Tiktokers’ hearts in the past year with trendy routines and her hyper-realistic looks. As her fame skyrocketed, content creators have begun discussing among themselves – is she real?

But recently, Lil Miquela has turned her attention towards a new venture – hustling. Her social media has been filling up with content of her featuring in her own NFTs. She has been selling her work on various marketplaces and is ready to take over the NFT market!


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XCOPY has one of the most distinguished art styles in the NFT space. As many fellow artists, colleagues, and communities hold XCOPY’s art in high regard, he is considered to be among a beaux mondes mold in which select and prime talents are held.

Blogs and reviews have described his art style as ‘grimy’; primarily attributed to his choice of colors and asymmetric line patterns. It is a style that many deem to be a quality that sets him apart from his peers.

Many of his works are held in high regard. Some have even been showcased and featured on national – even international – television. In March, BBC broadcasted a segment that included one of his masterpieces, Right Click and Save as Guy. This tour de force, however, isn’t his only piece worth of note.
Fellow NFT influencer, 4156, an acclaimed NFT connoisseur, believes that XCOPY has produced one of the greatest artworks in crypto art history. 4156 enjoys the XCOPY rare collection particularly and has stated that XCOPY’s masterwork, Reflection, is one of his most favorite pieces of all time. His other works of art, King Cricket Soup, and the Art History Series are also held in high regard, with the former listed at a value of 100,000,000. The current owner, however, has yet to take any offers.

Hackatao (@Hackatao)

Hackatao is among the best-selling artists in NFT history. Very few artists can lay claim to being in the same air as Hackatao, as aside from being an excellent artist, Hackatao has also developed to become an NFT influencer whose social media activity is monitored by a vast number of enthusiasts.

Adding to a broad list of capabilities, Hacakato also broke ground on a new NFT project. Collaborating with industry mainstays, Sotheby’s and NFT studios, Queens + Kings is a project launched in December of 2021. Queens + Kings is a PFP Project that revolves around avatars that vary in traits. These traits that make every Queen + King different heavily draw inspiration from Hackatao artworks.

The project was conceived because of fan clamor in recent months and in July 2021, the Kings and Queen Project began development. All of Hackatao’s 51,000+ followers on Twitter were surely taken for a ride.

Hackatao has been known to be an insightful voice in cyberspace as he updates and comments on NFT affairs and other projects that have been on the rise in the crypto art community. His sentiments on many matters often put into perspective, where the NFT space stands as a community, tech innovation, and platform for creatives.

Mdj.eth (@Mad_Dog_Jones)

Mdj.eth is Maddogjones in the flesh. Mdj.eth’s reputation as an indomitable fixture in the crypto community is rooted in his skills as an artist and unrivaled technical capabilities.

His unique art style is meticulously clean despite integrating cyberpunk foundations with natural aesthetics that ooze with undertones of beauty and freedom. Maddogjones grew up in areas where access to the wilderness has been part of daily life. This is why through his art, he incorporates a lush vibrance to a metropolitan allure. With the addition of neon accents, the marriage of verdant tones and futuristic buzz create a symbiotic aesthetic that has become maddogjones’ signature style.

Maddogjones’ distinct art techniques have earned the attention and recognition of big names in the entertainment industry. He has crafted multiple works of art for musicians, performers, and celebrities like Run The Jewels, Deadmau5, Jabbawockeez, Conor McGregor, Maroon 5, and Chromeo.

He has been extremely active in the art community. Mdj.eth has had his first and only real-life exhibit in 2019. It was entitled AFTERL-IFE WORLD, and was on display for two months in Tokyo. The famous NG collection, an assembly of maddogjones’ artworks, has been tokenized. And in 2021, his newly released artwork, Forever, has been up for auction since December 7 and has averaged at the price of 42.069 ETH or over $157,500.

Like many of his contemporaries, he keeps his followers on social media updated on his activities and own projects while also dishing out the most important news to date.

Giant Swan (@A_Giant_Swan)

Giant Swan, according to his Instagram bio, is “Virtual Reality Painter and Sculptor.” The title could not be more accurate as the renowned artist makes use of porcelain-like even marbly texture to craft incredibly detailed objects in cyberspace.

With a unique approach to his artwork, a single piece from giant swan is home to an entire story, as the art changes as it pans through a choreographed animation to show an entirely different artwork as it moves. In his Instagram feed, Giant Swan states, “I use movement to create shapes and colour,” and quite precisely, his artworks morph into a bevy of different forms as it progresses.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Giant Swan makes use of the internet and his social media platforms to exchange ideas with fellow artists. As a unique artist himself, he hangs out with other blockchain influencers in real-life, to catch up and provide informative content for his followers. With the use of vlogs and interviews, his followers are always up for a treat when he strikes a conversation with big-name artists and knowledgeable resource people such as Sats Moon Sats and Lambie.

Kenn Bosak (@KennethBosak)

Kenneth Bosak is what many consider one of the early ambassadors of NFT technology. As a member of the community for many years, he has been supporting innovations that develop the NFT space.

Since 2017, Kenn Bosak has been at the forefront of NFT development and has been engaging the NFT community using his social media platforms and capabilities in multimedia. Changing his profile picture on Twitter recently, he has also become active in joining talk shows online to shine some light on the developments in the crypto space. He has also launched a new website called NFT4SALE to advocate for the NFT scene’s development into a mainstream industry.

Kenn Bosak is a Twitter influencer who is completely on board the NFT train. He’s been in the community for several years and recently changed his name to reflect his newfound interest in the space. He joined the community back around 2017 and has solid credibility with his followers for not shilling anything that comes his way. He recently launched a new site, called NFT4SALE, and really hopes to become one of NFT’s leading ambassadors until the technology becomes more mainstream.

Kenn Bosak has been featured in multiple podcasts and several media platforms to talk about NFTs, the market, and the industry. His content is also posted on his Twitter account that has nearly 80,000 followers.

The Bitcoin Express (@The_BTC_Express)

The Bitcoin Express has been in the influencer circuit since 2019. Ever since, he’s been creating content specifically catering to crypto and NFT enthusiasts, focusing primarily on the video-sharing platform, Youtube.

With about 16,000 people following him on Twitter alone and 144,000 subscribers on Youtube, The Bitcoin Express has rapidly become an information hub in its own right. With the rising popularity of his social media audience, The Bitcoin Express has amped up the production of crypto and NFT content. He has aided many enthusiasts in understanding the fundamental working of the market and the industry.

The Bitcoin Express content on their platforms mostly revolves around tutorials, guides, reviews, analysis, commentaries, and the most up-to-date news about the industry. He was able to build a diverse audience as he was also among the first to talk about minting music as NFTs.

Ohhshiny (@ohhshiny)

With a following of approximately 75,000 on the bird app alone, Ohhshiny is an NFT influencer that has reached a distinction in media appearances. As the zealous and passionate host of the Ohhshiny Show that sends invitations to the most brilliant and most celebrated personalities in the NFT industry to talk about the past, the present, and the future of the crypto community.

For the most part, Ohhshiny centers on discussing and talking about the metaverse. Through Twitter spaces and other social media platforms, he shares his exploits and endeavors with his curious audiences and keeps them updated on recent developments in the crypto industry as well.

He also uses Twitter as a platform to spread positivity and inspiration by posting wholesome content that encourages followers daily. Ohhshiny actively seeks out anyone who would be in need to share his reach and platform with just about anyone who deserves it. As an example of such efforts, Ohhshiny hosts what he calls “Community Office Hours'' regularly every Friday at 11 AM Eastern Standard Time. This particular show sheds much-needed light on projects and content creators in the metaverse. He particularly targets projects that he finds unique. Once he finds projects that he thinks have great potential, he provides them with guidance in nurturing their ventures to hopefully become bigger and give them direction whenever they find themselves lost. Ohhshiny and his team are primed to help and nurture the future of NFT projects and creators while keeping their identities, missions, visions, and objectives intact as independent creatives.

Cryptobaristas (@cryptobaristas)

Cryptobaristas is one of those examples that allow NFTs to become a positive force in society and the world. At first, Cryptobaristas had only one goal in mind: to become the first NFT-funded cafe space in NYC. But upon its launch as an NFT project on November 21, 2021, the caffeine-fueled characters that brewed their path into getting minted through the blockchain as something more.

Gaining widespread acclaim and support, the exciting and rapidly-developing project abruptly mustered unprecedented attention. With lifetime perks centered around its coffee theme, supporters quickly got on board in droves.

Within the first month since their inception, the project has yielded many a blessing. Available for a month on Rarible, all Cryptobaristas launched in the platform were sold before the project even the 30-day mark. In conjunction with its success in sales, Cryptobarista advocacies have also hit the ground running, planting over 400 trees in a month and is planning to plant about 1,800 before season one ends.

With this pace, the Cryptobaristas, its supporters, and the community they’ve created in the process will surely achieve their goal of erecting a cafe in the metaverse as well. As of December 3, Cryptobarista has over 5,800 users on their Discord channel that have helped with raising the first 20% of the financial need that developers require for the construction of the cafe in NYC.

Future goals also include opening physical locations in other areas, establishing a roastery and educational space in NYC, and if possible, purchasing a shared farm in Costa Rica.

Dikasso (@Dikasso_)

Dikasso_ is one of the biggest players in the NFT industry. A quick skim of the top buyers' section on Rarible will yield this familiar name: Dikasso_, collector and NFT aficionado.

On Twitter, Dikasso_ embraces his role as an influencer with over 17,000 followers. In his bio, he describes himself as a “Virtual Reality and Digital artist, a Pro NFT collector or creator, and ideas man.”

Dikasso_ has been on the top buyer list on Rarible for a long time. There was even a time when he was the actual top buyer on all of Rarible. When he wasn’t at the very top, he just dropped a few paces behind it. So his title of “Pro collector” is definitely no joke.

Through social media platforms like Twitter, he also shares his passion with his followers. He also often engages with the community through collaborations with other big names in the scene and bountiful giveaways.

Max Maher (@MaxweII_Maher)

Max Maher runs one of the fastest-growing NFT platforms on social media. His rise has been so fast that frauds have been trying every play in the book to try and scam people by using his name all over the internet. With one of the biggest platforms for any NFT influencer on Youtube, his other social media platforms are slowly gaining traction as well. From Patreon to Twitter, Max Maher has put on a masterclass in the social media showcase.

Now while Max doesn’t necessarily focus on NFT alone, he talks about a broad spectrum of subjects that, on the larger scale and picture, affects the market in some way still. About to hit 11,000 followers on Twitter and over 660,000 subscribers on Youtube, his social media content is filled with highly educational materials that will help a wide audience. From teaching novices how to make their first $1000 through crypto to guides on the buy and sell mechanisms for the savants of the industry, Max Maher publishes material that can elevate every member of the crypto space. His videos on NFTs and Cryptocurrency have views that have reached millions.

Critics and reviewers also believe that Max is “well-researched” and presents his theses in persuasive and comprehensive ways that will allow the complexities of the crypto and NFT space to become digestible for any beginner.

Many of his followers are extremely excited to see whether Max Maher transitions to crypto and NFT-based content. It is notable – especially on Twitter – how passionate and exhilarated he is about the matter. Also, it seems to be starting as well. His Twitter bio reads: Coaching and Trading crypto | Cardano Expert! | I Talk about Crypto and NFTs alot | Focused on Crypto $BTC and $ETH | Blockchain and ADA Gaming Analyst.

So as a fan of his crypto and NFT content, there’s much to be excited about in the future.

Meet Dave (@meet_daveYT)

Meet Dave, though fairly new in the social media space, is an active member of the crypto community. While he has a decent following on Youtube, whose reach is amplified by other social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Discord, what stands out is the quality of his media content and the knowledge that he has on the mechanisms at play in the NFT and, of course, crypto markets.

His activity and knowledge exhibits a rare vigor in budding influencers. Posting two to three videos a week, he covers a wide range of topics that encompass cryptocurrency, the metaverse, web3, and the marketplaces.

But so far, in his young venture towards becoming one of the top informants of the community, his resources, thoughts, and guides on informative OpenSea tutorials and how to make easy and free GIF art has been the hit that’s hoisted him into up-and-coming status. To add, his videos’ aesthetics are and effects are made and crafted excellently.

Some of Dave’s most viewed content is around his informative OpenSea tutorials and how to make easy and free GIF art.

OpenNFT (@OpenNFT)

After a meetup in Las Vegas with fellow NFT enthusiasts for an event For Las Vegas NFT, Twitter user robbradish.e had this to say about OpenNFT: “Thanks for the inspiration and being a leader building our community!!!”

And that’s what OpenNFT was – an inspiration and a leader who helps build the NFT community. OpenNFT is known for his prominent play-by-play of NFT mining that keeps his followers excited for what’s to come in the NFT market.

Through his social media, he shares informative lectures, blogs, and guides about the industry. He also uses his platforms to perform emblematic live openings; an activity wherein he shows the very moment he unpacks his NFT collectibles and assets like NBA Topshots. He has a bit of everything for everyone. OpenNFT is an old guard CryptoPunks supporter, he has also supported phunks, CryptoZombies, and many other similar projects.

Through Youtube, Twitter, and other social media platforms, he engages his followers with insightful analyses of the products and shares what he has researched in recent days.

Anthony Pompliano (@APompliano)

Anthony “The Pomp” Pompliano has earned a distinction enjoyed by a very few– he needs no introduction. He is one of the most distinguished men in the crypto scene, appearing in many nationally and internationally televised broadcasts with CNN and CNBC to talk about the trade and its future as a multi-billion industry.

Pomp has been a guest in countless podcasts just to share his valued perspective on the current state of affairs in the NFT and Crypto spaces. His social media, followed by millions, feature subjects that take on all things related to crypto and NFTs. His Twitter alone has over 1.3 million followers. His YouTube channel is a temple of learning for every crypto and NFT enthusiast; a haven for those who seek to discover the wonders behind the labels crypto and NFT. Despite knowledge very few people can match, his acumen when it comes to NFTs are actually on an unparalleled level. His interview with one of the greatest artists to ever breathe, Beeple, is probably one of the finest hours of NFT history.

On social media, he often shares his thoughts about the state of NFT concerning the real world. In a recent tweet, he found humor in the fact that bitcoin achieved the goal of the United States to reach the 2% inflation rate faster than the federal government itself.

In his Twitter bio, he shares that he “ invest[s] in early stage companies, own #bitcoin and write a daily letter to 210k investors:”

NFT Live (@NFTLive)

NFT Live claims to be the “best NFT News Show in the World.” While, at the moment, this might be an overstatement, NFT Live definitely has the making to be among the greats. Through the person and voices of three prominent show makers, influencers NiftyQ, Ronin, and Crypto Buffalo, NFT Live’s main handiwork focus on using their platform to showcase products and entrepreneurs that have great potential. They also feature projects and minds that, in their opinion, are excellent but aren’t as appreciated as they should be. 

NFT Live, with their knowledge and capabilities, also shares their perception of the market in the industry’s search for the next big thing. They, of course, also share their platform with both rising and buzzing influencers and resource speakers in the market.

One of the better shows out there, NFT Live was formed because of a mutual passion for NFTs and interest in Networked Financial Technologies. The show has become a popular platform in gaining visibility through social media as the show have quite a considerable number of followers on Twitter and a bigger community in video-sharing site, YouTube.

It is an NFT show that showcases potential products, entrepreneurs, and impending trends in the field. It is presented by three other well-known influencers (NiftyQ, Ronin, and Crypto Buffalo), all of whom have a strong interest in NFTs (Networked Financial Technologies). They frequently broadcast their performances live on YouTube, which is a fantastic method for NFT enterprises to gain visibility.

Yam (@YKarkai)

Do you know Reese Witherspoon? The multi-award-winning actress who starred in the iconic Chick Flick of the 2000s Legally Blonde? Yes – that’s Reese Witherspoon. In October of 2021, she changed her profile picture to an artwork. That artwork was made by Yam, the artist and advocate behind the World of Women NFT Collection.

Yam was a trailblazer. Through the World of Women Collection, the NFT industry was introduced to the advocacy of women empowerment. The first of its kind, the World of Women showcased 10,000 different designs of ‘unique, powerful, and diverse women.’

Through Twitter, the founder of the movement and collection leads the way for women all over the world. With over 25,000 followers on her personal bird app profile and nearly 67,000 on the World of Women account, Yam shares information about her cause and showcases the stories of the countless supporters she’s rallied along the way.

In early December, Yam and the community she’s nourished threw the World of Women party in Miami, FL. The community and supporters met with Yam herself in person. The circle now continues to grow with big names like GaryVee, Randi Zuckerberg, and many more rallying behind the artist and the cause.

Nathanhead.eth @NathanHeadPhoto

Nathanhead is a UK-based NFT and Crypto fan who’s supported both CryptoPunks and The Bored Ape Yacht Club. While making strides as an NFT collector, Nathanhead has not missed out on being a skilled photographer and talented artist.

In his own words, he described his art style as accurately as possible: “My style focuses on using colour to create vibrant, nostalgic scenes. I particularly enjoy photographing oceans, trains and cathedrals. Here is a collage of my best work. Every single aspect of my work is photographed, created and edited by myself.”

He has over 61,000 followers on Twitter and over a hundred thousand on Instagram, Nathanhead has become a highly-followed influencer in the NFT and crypto space. In a brief introduction that he published through Twitter, he shared that so far in his NFT journey, he has sold 130,000 worth of NFTs as of April 12, 2021, just seven months into his NFT venture.

Nathanhead is a strong believer of the Ethereum blockchain and has minted most of his assets as NFTs. He believes that through his art and the information that he can share, he has something worthwhile to contribute to the industry that has helped him break out of his shell.

Raoul Pal (@RaoulGMI)

Raoul Pal is business personified. Hailing from the lands of old, the traditional macro investing world, Raoul Pal was quick to adapt to changing times. Seeing the value and potential of the crypto space, Raoul pulled the trigger to pivot for the oncoming revolution.

As CEO and co-founder of Real Vision, a media platform that publishes excellent content on finance, economics, and all things crypto, it was no mystery that all data pointed to this particular space. His entry into the crypto circuits was bitcoin. Pinned right on his Twitter feed that has garnered about 830,000 followers, is a tweet that foretells a bitcoin revolution.

Through Real Vision, Raoul has shared important information and valuable updates on the crypto space for audiences to learn from and prepare for. He is also a prolific investment strategist and economic historian who founded the company, Global Macro Investor, an independent research publication that primarily focuses on economic and market analysis and trade recommendations.

Ivan on Tech (@IvanOnTech)

The wizard behind Moralis, a platform for developing Web3 applications. Ivan has become a game-changer in tech for crypto and NFTs in 2021 as Moralis has become one of the biggest platforms in the space. The traffic generated by Moralis has reached millions in December, growing twofold in the span of two months from October to December.

Through Moralis, Ivan has also built a community of tech-minded and crypto-curious crowds where he shares important updates, the progress of the platform, and workshops for fellow developers who want to learn new things.

Ivan has more than 342,000 followers on Twitter and has another 25,100 followers on the Moralis social media account. With a burgeoning social media platform and the best web3 service provider out there, Ivan will surely become known as one of the proponents for a bigger and more recognized crypto community.

Erick Snowfro (@ArtOnBlockchain)

Erick Snowfro is the esteemed founder of the Art Blocks and Chrome Squiggles. He’s been in the business for a long time and was one of the early Cryptopunk collectors.

Erick Calderon, Snowfro’s real name, is also the CEO of Art Blocks, a platform utilized for the efficient creation of on-demand, generative art pieces. About a year after its launch, Art Blocks started to gain traction and generated widespread attention from the community; eventually finding its way into auction house Sotheby's. Just recently, through the auctioning platform, Art Blocks sold 19 art pieces that raised values totaling $81,000.

He has also become a catalyst for goodwill, starting a fund that benefits from NFT and crypto endeavors. It’s Just a Squiggly Line is a fund founded, according to its official Endaoment page, “to support a variety of charitable organizations with proceeds from secondary sales of the Chromie Squiggle and other crypto endeavors.” So far, as of December 15, a total of $887,063.38 has been accumulated in the fund.

Erick Snowfro has found a great deal of success this year as he was also included in the prestigious Fortune NFTy 50; landing on 45th place of the rankings.

Tony Hererra (@tonyherrera)

A millionaire and prominent activist, Tony Herrera has one of the most one-of-a-kind stories in the crypto space. Tony raised his fortune through the crypto and NFT market. As an immigrant, he turned his luck around by working hard and collecting CryptoPunks. Since then, Tony has raised millions of dollars, spoken up for his community with fervor, and has become one of the most successful collectors in the NFT community.

Tony arrived in the United States at the tender age of seven. He got by through work that involved helping undocumented immigrants that have worked compensation benefits caused by injuries. Tony also went through the grind of working in the vocational rehabilitation benefit and educating the community about the work he did with the office.

The harsh conditions his community lived in pushed him to look for other means of raising finances to help his clients and their families in their home countries. His search led him to a budding yet uncharted NFT and crypto industry. He started with bitcoin and worked his way to Ethereum. In 2017, this venture led to the ownership of a CryptoPunk. Today, he is among the 15 largest owners of the CryptoPunk collection.

Tony entered the crypto space with a noble goal in mind: to reap the potential of a blossoming industry to help immigrants and people in need. At the moment, Tony has become involved in several other projects like @ether_cards,, Paisano DAO, Meebits DAO, Ready Player DAO, Obscura DAO, Neon DAO, and Cre8NFT.

Matt Hall (@matthall2000)

Ever had that question where you ask yourself how inventors invent the best things in life? Well, that’s a question you can direct to Matt Hall, Co-Founder of LarvaLabs himself, one of the geniuses behind the legendary CryptoPunks.

The LarvaLabs are industry titans who played a huge part in the rise of the NFT market. They also released the Autoglyphs and the Meebits. Matt Hall’s contribution to the NFT space through LarvaLabs is invaluable. Their innovations inspired many other collectibles and art that follow the era-defining mechanisms they put in place.

A living legend and an innovator in the industry, Matt Hall is active on Twitter and regularly updates a follower base of over 15,000 people with market changes, important updates, and activities from the lab.

Mike Demarais (@mikedemarais)

Mike Demarais is a thought leader in the field of NFT who has been called to discuss the future of the industry countless times because of his expertise. Mike is the co-founder of a platform called Rainbow Wallet, a software that allows users to create an Ethereum wallet, collect NFTs, and enter the technological communities of Web3.

In the words of its knowledge base, “‘Rainbow is a fun, simple, and secure Ethereum wallet’” that assists users in managing their assets. The platform was conceptualized and established in 2019 by visionaries Christian Baroni, Mike Demarais, and Jin Chung.

The inspiration came to the trio when they realized that there was a need for Ethereum tech and infrastructure to be more understandable for the average user. If the technologies that powered Ethereum were to be simplified and be made less tedious, then the market would be open to more growth possibilities and even more opportunities.

The vision was clear: to make the NFT and crypto spaces more accessible for even the less tech-savvy demographic. With their competencies, Baroni in technical development, having worked for Microsoft and Stripe at a young age; Mike who specialized in web development and design; and Chung who was new to the industry but has had extensive experience in computer science engineering having worked for eBay, Rainbow was born.

Rainbow quickly became a renowned Ethereum mobile interface. The platform became the most notable platform when it came to tailoring UI/UX for on-ramp non-crypto users and guiding new Web3 behaviors. It developed into one of the leading choices for NFT collectors.

The vision was clear for Demarais and his colleagues: a world that will allow friends to meet one another across the Metaverse where they can share their on-chain history, on-chain collectibles, and on-chain access with others.

Andreas Antonopoulos (@aantonop)

You can put it on the record: Andreas Antonopoulos was there when it all began. During a tumultuous time when people had either no idea what cryptocurrencies were or called it a scam, Andreas stood by the then-small community and defended it with pride.

In the crypto circuits since 2012, Andreas is what today’s generation can consider as one of the forefathers of NFT influencers. He has spent the last decade as an apostle of wondrous technological innovation. He has authored five different books which have been considered to be masterworks of modern entrepreneurship. The Internet of Money and Mastering Bitcoin, in particular, have been widely acclaimed as best-selling masterpieces.

Andreas has long been considered an expert in the field of entrepreneurship and blockchain. Because of objective and honest takes, he has earned a reputation of being trusted and unbiased as he educates communities on cryptosystems and mechanisms.

With over 675,00 followers on Twitter alone, Andreas is an influencer who has poured his heart into educating the people of the community who are either hit a wall in developing as enthusiasts and collectors or those aspiring to become part of a growing and continuously developing industry.

Roger Ver (@rogerkver)

Roger Ver belongs to what the industry can consider as the old guards of the crypto community. According to an image that he shared on Twitter in April, Roger has been braving the crypto scene since 2011.

Roger’s activities in the crypto space that date back a decade ago are proof of his loyalty and undying trust in the cryptocurrencies and the developments that came after. With a claim of being the first to ever invest in crypto, his bio reads: World's first Investor in Bitcoin startups including,, Ripple,, BitPay, Kraken, & more.”

Since the early days of bitcoin, Roger has been out to tell the world about the marvels of blockchain technology. Now with over 739,000 people following his endeavors, Roger has fully embraced his influencer status and continues to share his ventures, endeavors, and business activity to guide fellow enthusiasts. He also actively publishes the latest occurrences in the NFT market and industry. Because of his activity online and full utilization of every platform, paired with his intellect and pursuit of crypto supremacy, he has been christened as Bitcoin Jesus.

Nick Szabo (@NickSzabo4)

Throughout the history of the crypto and NFT spaces, one of the biggest, if not the actual biggest, enigmas in existence is the identity of the man named Satoshi Nakamoto. Why mention this as part of an introduction to the man named Nick Szabo? This is noteworthy because Nick’s contribution to the field has been so big that people have speculated that the computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer known as Nick Szabo is actually the one and only Satoshi Nakamoto – the creator of Bitcoin.

One of the earliest forms of digital currencies was called BitGold. It was created in the early 2000s and is widely acknowledged to be the prototype of today’s cryptocurrencies. Being a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast himself, he is considered to be the pioneer of smart contracts – the technology that powers NFTs.

NickSzabo hasn’t exactly claimed to be an influencer, but through his social media platforms, he has continued to advocate for bitcoin, publishing, sharing, and talking about how cryptocurrencies benefit humanity and how current banking systems are designed to favor those in power.

To this day, Nick Szabo remains to be a thought-leader, community builder, and avid ambassador of the now-dominant NFT and crypto industry, which he helped get off the ground many years ago.

Cred (@CryptoCred)

Following the market and mastering the technicalities of the industry you work in is a key to success. This is the aspect of the NFT which Cred has mastered. With a monochrome theme of an aged man on his Twitter profile, Cred, or CryptoCred, has built an enormous following by becoming a sage online. 

Through a comprehensive analysis of the market, he shares his findings with his followers. He also uses this knowledge to make his living off the crypto and NFT markets. With over 415,000 followers on Twitter alone, CryptoCred has become a person of influence in the community.

Through his social media accounts, he shares guides on how to technically analyze the market, how to pivot according to what’s going on in the industry, and his thoughts on matters of importance for the crypto and NFT scene.

Erik Voorhees (@ErikVoorhees)

In July 2021, Erik Voorhees made a commitment to the fundamental principles of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs – he announced that ShapeShift was decentralizing. Shapeshift, established in 2012, was founded by Erik himself. ShapeShift, his very own brainchild is a comprehensive crypto management platform that simplifies sending, receiving, trading, tracking, and holding bitcoin and other major cryptos.

This motivation to be fully immersed in the very foundations that make crypto and NFT special is rooted in his concern for systematic problems the current financial system innately possesses.

Erik, upon seeing the potential in cryptocurrencies, was early to adopt bitcoin as his entryway into the scene. While Erik focuses more on the crypto aspect of the space, he also comments on the state of the technology that makes blockchain work, which by extension, deals with NFTs as well. Sharing to his 565,000 followers on Twitter, he regularly posts about current events that affect the crypto and NFT space and how the burgeoning industry powered by blockchain technology affects societies all over the world.

Plan B (@100trillionUSD)

Plan B mostly concerns himself with bitcoin and how cryptocurrencies affect society at large. Bitcoin and NFTs are powered by the same technologies called the blockchain. Plan B musters the knowledge he gained from two decades of experience as an institutional investor to produce accurate forecasts, explanations, and updates on the state of bitcoin.

Plan B is among the most knowledgeable people on the internet when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Now he may not comment or post much about NFTs, but the knowledge that can be gained from his informative posts on movements in the value of bitcoin and progress in the development of blockchain technology.

Even while he performs his analyses and posts his discoveries on social media, he does so while remaining anonymous. Despite that, he still has 1.6 million followers all eager to hear what he has to say on the current state of affairs. Beyond question, he is among the top options when it comes to knowledge about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

While, like some of the people listed in this article, he doesn’t necessarily lay claim to the influencer status, he is still among the foremost minds in the community and is a person of great influence in the space that he thrives in.

In recent days, aside from his routine analysis on the market and industry developments, he has also posted about his advocacies against draconian regimes and has vocally supported movements across the globe espouse just causes that fight oppression and abbreviation of human rights and dignities.

Brian Armstrong (@brian_armstrong)

Brian Armstrong is a community colossus. As one of the co-founders and the CEO of Coinbase, one of the biggest platforms in the crypto scene, Brian is just one of those personalities you can look to when attempting to have an excellent beginner’s experience in the crypto space.

Through Coinbase, people in the crypto scene can easily buy and sell currencies. Upon its inception, Coinbase’s primary vision was to provide the world with a platform that will allow enthusiasts and users to securely send and receive bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In the advent of the massive growth that both NFTs and cryptocurrencies underwent in the late 2010s and the early 2020s, Coinbase transitioned into becoming an industry titan that would help the community gain a better understanding of the industry. One of the reasons why is Coinbase’s ability to ease the strenuous process of exchanging cryptocurrencies securely.

Loomdart (@loomdart)

Charming and eccentric, Loomdart is a fun NFT personality who enjoys interacting with and engaging the community. He is very active in sharing his thoughts, insights, and commentaries through various media platforms. Through his Twitter account, followed by nearly 252,000 people, he shares articles he’s written, videos he was featured in to talk all things NFT, and threads on his insights about recent NFT updates.

Loomdart also particularly enjoys giving pro trading tips. To make things fun and light, he often communicates with his fanbase and the NFT community through memes. His feed is bustling with meme activity so for a fun time learning the ropes, Loomdart would be a wise choice.

Do not, however, be deceived by his eccentricities and meme skills. Loomdart is a skilled analyst and seasoned trader who’s been running his show since early 2014. A true veteran in the field, the content Loomdart publishes is researched with eye-widening intricacy. His takes on relevant trading techniques and investment strategies have been honed in cyberspace for nearly a decade.

Naval (@naval)

Naval is a prominent personality who, like a few other names in this list, is a legend both in the crypto scene and tech industry. Naval is a successful entrepreneur who went on a series of successful ventures in established tech companies.

He is most well known for being co-founder and assembling AngelList, a fundraising platform designed to fund startups through angel investors. AngelList started as a co-writing blog that was called Venture Hacks which "offered detailed advice on negotiating term sheets, explained which sections mattered, and which provisions were bogus.

AngelList also operates Product Hunt and spun off its subsidiary, Coinlist, in 2017 so he can provide crypto-related services to investors and businesses in the startup space. His success has garnered millions of followers in both the tech and blockchain scene, having over 1.5 million people following his exploits on Twitter alone.

Naval has invested in over 200 companies that include FourSquare, Twitter, Poshmark, Stack Overflow, Uber,, Postmates, Yammer, Clearview AI, Thumbtack, Notion, Clubhouse, OpenDNS, Opendoor, Clearview, and SnapLogic. He has had 70 total exits and over 10 Unicorn companies.

Credible Crypto (@CredibleCrypto)

Credible Crypto is a social media personality who advocates for the crypto space as a market, a currency, and an industry. Calling himself a trader, an investor, and an entrepreneur – and rightfully so. Credible Crypto is an absolute virtuoso when it comes to analysis and understanding how the market moves. Using charts and visual paraphernalia to educate his followers, he comments on the quick-changing crypto and NFT industries on his social media accounts. His Twitter has over 282,000 followers; all of which benefit from Credible Crypto’s vast knowledge on the fickle NFT and crypto industry.

Through educational and often numbers-based social media content, Credible Crypto has become a one-stop shop of sorts for information regarding crypto and NFT trends. He also shares his commentaries and analysis of changes in the space. He gives his guides a touch of humor to balance serious business and entertainment.

Girl Gone Crypto (@girlgone_crypto)

Girl Gone Crypto is a fun source of data and information when it comes to the crypto and NFT scene. While she focuses on cryptocurrencies in the majority of her posts, she never fails to leave out the NFT space, sharing the works that she’s interested in and the projects she likes.

There have been many influencers in the crypto industry through the years and women have played a big part in the growth of the industry as well. Girl Gone Crypto, included by Wirex as in the Rising Women in Crypto Power List 2021, has been making waves and contributing to the community in the way she knows best – with some fun and some style.

Her videos recapping big events in recent memory are a hit on Twitter and social media. She’s also quick to notice changes in the market like a rise in crypto values and personalities making big moves in the community.

Girl Gone Crypto has upwards of 176,000 followers on Twitter and joins the likes of Lavinia Osbourne, Ekta Mourya, Genevieve Leveille, Galia Benartzi, Olayinka Odeniran, Erica Stanford, Diane Dai, Alakanani Itireleng, and Caterina Ferrara – powerhouses of the crypto space who push industry boundaries beyond its limits – atop the Wirex list of rising women on the crypto space.

Crypto Finally (@CryptoFinally)

Crypto Finally is an online personality and influencer who shares her ventures and endeavors in the crypto space. She is a big advocate for awareness about the crypto space as a rising market and industry as she believes that awareness leads to access and access leads to growth.

She has surely done her part both in real life and online, going to thought discussions and conferences to talk about how mainstream media portrays the crypto industry and how it affects perception of the market and online. Online, with nearly 187,000 followers on Twitter alone, she shares updates and educational tweets and threads that will help the community get a better grasp at the NFT and crypto market as a whole.

Recently, she announced a strategic partnership with gaming personality, RainmakerGaming, to boost awareness on the P2E gaming world and to make play-to-earn an accessible mode of earning for everyone.

The Cryptomist (@Thecryptomist)

With a wide range of interests concerning many parts of the crypto space, The Cryptomist enjoys the company of her followers as she posts various updates about important events and updates within the community. With over 121,000 followers on Twitter, Cryptomist is an influencer who comments on the number-crunching aspect of the crypto game with intelligent finesse and at the same time, is very personable whenever she interacts with her audiences.

She has also expressed her interest in NFTs or crypto art, posting the one she takes interest in on her feed, and even sharing that she joined the waitlist on an NFT sale for Bictory_finance. She has also posted about CryptoPunk giveaways and enjoys sharing NFT content with her followers as well.

But what makes Cryptomist quite special is her casual interaction with her followers, often engaging them in non-crypto interactions like asking them about their dreams, achievements, and topics that make her very personally connected with her bird app friends.

Bitcoin Bro (@Bitcoinbro10)

Bitcoin Bro is another influencer online who covers points of interest that range from NFT gaming and crypto art to shifts in the market. His activities online tackling the daily grind in the crypto and NFT spaces has earned him his influencer status and a loyal following that looks forward to his daily endeavors.

His social media activity involves giveaways, NFT and crypto market updates, and sharing his personal adventures in the space as well. Bitcoin Bro is also very supportive of other enthusiasts and personalities in the space, using his profile to forward attention and traffic towards his friends’ activities so the community can learn more about what other influencers, collectors, and traders are up to.

Bitcoin Bro seems to take a special interest in NFT gaming. He also enjoys the regular doses of meme coins, altcoins, and Launchpad.

Roham Gharegozlou (@roham)

There would be no easy way to begin. Roham, Twitter handle “roham,” Gharegozlou was, simply, a game-changer. CEO and visionary behind the industry’s finest creations, roham had an indescribable impact on the development of the NFT space.

Dapper Labs co-founder, creator of the CryptoKitties, creator of the NBA Top Shot, a trailblazer of Flow Blockchain. Roham was among the hands that molded the NFT space into what it is today. He was beyond just a pioneer – he continues to be a thought leader in the space, still looking for a way to innovate and expand the multibillion industry well beyond its potential.

Without roham, this industry would be a different monster altogether. The community, mutually thankful for contributions, holds the man who changed NFTs in high regard. So much so that Coinbase, itself, featured him in their blog series, Most Influential, that paid tribute to the biggest proponents and contributors of the NFT scene.

The man. The myth. The legend. Roham Gharegozlou is a man whose name is etched in NFT history.

SushiChef (@SushiSwap) 

SushiChef is the innovator behind SushiSwap, software running on the Ethereum blockchain designed to incentivize a growing user base to run a platform where customers are given the ability to buy and sell crypto assets. SushiChef created a DeFi platform that runs even without a central operator administrator.

Sushiswap, to work, uses an assembly of liquidity pools to run according to SushiChef’s design, the same way similar platforms like Uniswap and Balancer. As the founder of such a complex design, expect that SushiChef will have a ton of content online on DeFi.

In November 2021, however, SushiChef broke ground on an NFT marketplace and metaverse called Shoyu_NFT. Through this latest Sushi project, users and enthusiasts will have a platform to mint, collect, explore, showcase, and access all of Sushi’s decentralized financial tools.

So if you want to be updated on matters of DeFi and Sushi’s newest NFT marketplace and metaverse, be sure to become one of his 180,000 followers on Twitter, or subscribe to his other social media platforms.

Frxresearch (@frxresearch)

Frxresearch is a Twitter influencer who helps followers monitor the movement in the crypto market. He runs one of the most active accounts on crypto Twitter in terms of publishing daily content on the market. Frxresearch, through meticulous research, has gained a reputation for being a person with a clear take on things that go on in the industry.

On a typical day, you will find charts and charts of information on the value changes that go on every day in Frxresearch’s Twitter account. He also comments on news, shares activity from influential people in the space, and comments on the various occasions that go on in the scene daily.

Frxresearch has acknowledged the effects NFTs have on the environment and advocates for responsible minting as well. In one of his Twitter posts, he urges enthusiasts and people in the space who’ve minted NFTs to also do their part in taking care of the environment, suggesting they join the tree-planting campaign he’s shared on his Twitter feed.

From time to time, he chills with his nearly 25,000 followers and just talks about sports and just the little things. An influencer with a mix of clear intellect, likable personality, and memes; Frxresearch is an influencer who deserves a follow.

Mason Nystrom (@masonnystrom)

Mason is serious business. As a research analyst at one of the foremost crypto research institutions around, Mason upholds the excellence and intellect fitting of a professional from Messari.

Through social media, he shares his expertise with followers as he explores Web 3, DeFi, and NFT in his tweets and content. His tweets, true to his identity, are heavily researched-based. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge about the evolution and history of the crypto space and its key metrics.

Mason also joins Twitter spaces to take part in discussions and interact with his wide following. He writes articles, shares memes, and publishes visual paraphernalia as he helps the community gain a clearer understanding of the world of Web3, DeFi, crypto, and NFT.

José Maria Macedo (@ZeMariaMacedo)

A mind deemed worthy to be inducted upon the professionals of a leading research association, Delphi Digital, Jose Maria Macedo is a Twitter influencer who can cover a wide variety of information on the crypto and NFT community.

With Delphi Digital, described to be a “collaborative association of independently owned and operated entities,” Jose utilizes the power of social media to share his proficiencies with the community’s enthusiast with the goal of information and dissemination, and education.

In the spirit of Delphi Digital’s ultimate goal of “to build the best institutional-grade research firm dedicated to the emerging frontier of crypto and digital assets,” Jose is consistent in sharing content that briefs his followers about the developments in DeFi, the new protocols in the space, and the perpetually growing quirks and nuances of the crypto market.

With a follower base of nearly 20,000 Twitter users, Jose continues to progress the community’s understanding of the digital asset market through research-based threads, sharing important updates on the developments of the digital asset market.

Mike Dudas (@mdudas)

Mike ‘DAOdas’ Dudas is a field visionary and NFT enthusiast. Aside from owning a CryptoPunk, which is a distinction in and of itself, Mike is also an investor. He also founded The Block and has become the Vice President at Paxos.

The company Mike founded, The Block, is one of the leading research, analysis, and news entities in the digital asset space. He founded in 2018 and is based in New York City. Through the years, it has grown to cover cryptocurrency and blockchain events and development all over the world, 24/7.

Paxos, on the other hand, is a regulated blockchain infrastructure company that, according to its Twitter bio, helps build transparent and transformative financial solutions.

On Twitter, true to his expertise and field of interest, he advocates for Web3 innovations and comments on many matters in the space to correct misconceptions that put the crypto scene, the metaverse, DeFi, and other new technologies with which he concerns himself.

Mike also posts regularly about NFTs. Just recently, he retweeted NBA star Hassan Whiteside’s NFT activity, who happens to be quite the crypto art enthusiast. He shares the things he’s passionate about and educates over 90,000 of his followers about the wonders of technology. He is often caught clearing up false information through his social media adventures.

Jameson Lopp (@lopp)

Another stalwart in the crypto scene, Jameson Lopp is a perennial premier source of reliable crypto knowledge. He has been a crypto enthusiast for a long time and his endeavors have led to the co-founding of CasaHODL, a software that focuses on helping users secure and protect their bitcoin by providing them with multiple keys. Their goal is to make a security and privacy system so impervious it would make theft or breaches impossible or, at least, statistically improbable.

As CTO of CasaHODL and the editor of The BTC Times, a platform that, according to its website, “publishes and offers a daily coverage of the news and developments on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,” he is highly knowledgeable about extensive concepts in blockchain and its ingenuities.

Through the expertise he’s honed through the years, Jose can share detailed analysis of the crypto and blockchain spaces, how it affects society, and the way it evolves through time. With nearly 400,000 followers on Twitter alone, he is an instrumental personality when it comes to understanding crypto and its role in society from both macro and micro aspects.

Checkmatey (@_Checkmatey_)

A versatile person of influence, while Checkmatey primarily deals with Decred and Bitcoin. This interest in this particular field of interest stems from his endeavors that have led to the creation of, a knowledge base that helps audiences understand market movement and crypto development through comprehensive charts that exhibit the state of bitcoin and Decred. Checkmatey, according to his Twitter bio, has an edge that he believes is a product of education, knowledge, and experience.

He is a reputable analyst in the community and has been known to have studied Decred and Bitcoin intensely. Checkmatey produces analysis and commentaries on the crypto markets weekly through Glassnode and other software to educate his followers with data-centric insights on all things that happen in the space.

Despite the heavy focus on Decred and Bitcoin, Checkmatey still finds the time to talk about NFTs. Just recently, he changed his Twitter profile picture with an ape from MegapontNFT. On the platform, he is followed by over 52,400 followers, and they all benefit from his educational content.

Joe Grech (@JoeBGrech)

Right at the helm of Chiliz, “the world's first tokenized sports exchange” according to its official Twitter bio, is Joe Grech. His passion for tokens became the engine in his founding of FanMarketCap, a Fan Token price and market information tracker.

Multi-faceted as he is, Joe is also an advisor to STREETH, a street art curator and auction house that mints and auctions through the Ethereum blockchain. As part of such innovative entities, Joe has accumulated data and knowledge on a vast selection of fields.

Through his social media platforms, he shares his grasp of the crypto and NFT industry. His Twitter alone has nearly 25,000 followers and his insights on comments on the market’s state of affairs help the community gain a credible perspective on the impact it has on a wider scale.

On a typical day, he discusses matters that relate to the rise of DeFi, much enthusiastically so when it comes to fan sports tokens, and how its development affects crypto markets and modern pop culture.

Outside the everyday grind of the crypto space, Joe also shares his insights with his followers on matters of important political events that have economic ramifications and consequences. His expertise, after all, is not limited to just the blockchain.

Josie (@josiebellini)

Josie Bellini is a pioneer in the crypto art scene who’s long been recognized for her work in NFTs, augmented reality, and painting. Besides being a talented artist, she is also renowned for her advocacies and is a firm activist who has supported various movements.

Josie is adept in using cutting-edge technology to further progress and innovate the artworks she makes, be it on the blockchain or in real life. She also uses her talents to forward her just causes and make the world a better place.

Through her Twitter account, she announced that an artwork she made in tribute to George Floyd raised thousands for various charities. To raise the values it did, the artwork was minted as an NFT.

Josie is also wildly enthusiastic about CryptoPunks and NFTs other artists produce. She takes the time to use her platform to spread the word about recent acquisitions she’s had and turns the spotlight towards talented artists.

One of the most superb talents in the space, a righteous activist, and a great connoisseur of the crypto art scene; Josie is a model and inspiration for many artists out there aspiring to make a difference through the craft that they love.

Jamie Burke (@jamie247)

Hosting a slew of media activities and platforms, Jamie Burke is a man to follow when it comes to learning about the crypto and blockchain space. From Founder/CEO to Internet Podcast host, Jamie Burke runs a show that covers a medley of different points of interest.

On social media, he juggles activity and updates on Twitter and other platforms and his informative podcast on all things crypto. He often talks about the development of DeFi, crypto art, and other NFTs through his tweets.

On the business side of things, he spearheads Outlier Ventures as founder and CEO. OV is a venture capital firm that bets on the open economy thesis. Its mission is to accelerate the Open Metaverse and seamlessly integrate tech, culture, and finance.

Through the following he’s garnered through the years, he uses the platform he has nurtured to spread the word about crypto and the wonders of the space. With over 50,000 followers on his personal Twitter and the Outlier Ventures accounts alone, he fully utilizes social media to spread awareness and foster education through podcasts and informative content.

Linda Xie (@ljxie)

Discovering the magic of the crypto space firsthand through experience in Coinbase, Linda Xie is an enlightened source of blockchain wisdom. Through a knowledge base honed by experience, Linda was able to build and co-found Scalar Capital, a leading hedge fund company that specializes in crypto assets. 

The content that she shares through her social media is research-based and educational. Just recently, she commented on the potential of music NFTs and how a rise is bound to happen in the future through Web3 and the prevailing minting process. She has also taken notice of games using bitcoin and explained how it worked to her followers whose total count has reached over 125,100 people.

Linda also posts about DeFi, the Ethereum blockchain, information on smart contracts, and the investment space. Pinned to her bird app feed are helpful guides that any beginner will surely benefit from. On the pinned Tweet are links to a DAO guide, an NFT guide, a DeFi guide, and Social Token guides, all marked with years it was written for context.

If the goal is to learn about NFTs and crypto matters, Linda Xie is one of the people to follow on Twitter.

Tyler Winklevoss (@tyler)

Tyler Winklevoss is an avid advocate of blockchains in general. Having cracked the 975,000+ mark on Twitter followers in 2021, Tyler is among the most followed blockchain advocates on the bird app.

Co-founder of the leading cryptocurrency exchange and custodian, Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss and his brother and co-founder, Cameron Winklevoss, are some of the most recognizable persons of influence in the crypto space.

On social media, Tyler often turns his attention towards shifts in the cryptocurrency market. He still, however, shares NFT works from artists he likes, sharing his platform with artists he likes. In the spirit of his advocacy, Tyler has also launched an effort in donating to charity, together with Cameron, using bitcoin as their medium of goodwill, entrusting the Bitcoin Water Trust to forward their help to those in need.

Tyler believes that blockchain is the key to opening more businesses in the world. On his Twitter feed is a thread on why he believes this is the case. For those who want to get an idea of why exactly, the thread may be a good point to start learning.

Arjun Balaji (@arjunblj)

Arjun Balaji is a crypto enthusiast who is now an investor in the crypto investment firm, Paradigm. Paradigm focuses on supporting crypto and Web3 companies with great potential for shaping the industries of tomorrow.

Arjun, in support of the firm’s mission, uses his platform in supporting companies, artists, and crypto personalities who forward the industry as a whole. Through Paradigm, Arjun shares the latest news in the crypto space, covering a plethora of matters that include NFTs, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, DAOs, smart contracts, and many other new and exciting trends in the space.  With over 45,000 followers on Twitter, Arjun has helped the community gain a better perception on the high-octane and fast-changing crypto scene. .

Jesse Walden (@jessewldn)

Jesse Walden is a man who is at the very front of the campaign to help founders understand and grow the ownership economy. Founder of the Variant Fund, Jesse Walden has used his growing platform online and in real life to talk about the ownership economy.

Ownership economy, as explained by PCMag, “has referred to blockchain-based ventures that make it easier for individuals to earn capital via crypto tokens that can be converted to cash.” Jesse Walden, though the Variant fund has raised $110 million for supporting and investing in founders who will build the ownership economy.

Aside from activities with the Variant Fund, Jesse also shares his passion for NFTs, publishing information on the latest trends that hit the market. In recent posts, Jesse expressed his excitement for music NFTs, stating that music NFTs is exactly where digital arts was in 2020. He believes that, in the near future, music NFTs are “about to redefine the value and (100x) the business model of the medium forever.”

That’s 85 personalities on Twitter that you can follow for more information on NFTs and the crypto space in general. While some of the people on this list don’t claim to be “influencers” by its actual definition, they are, in fact, persons of influence and community builders in the NFT and crypto scene.

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