Can You Make Prints of NFTs?


NFTs have caused a new-age gold rush of sorts in recent years and collectors, content creators, and A-listers have surely taken notice. 

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital collectibles that gallerists, collection experts, and art connoisseurs consider as the next frontier of art and collection. 

This recent prevalence can be attributed to the rise of blockchain technology, the same mechanism that fuels the success of cryptocurrency. Among the highlights of what is a meteoric rise of the NFT trade is the official purchase of an image worth $69 million, the reemergence of the now-archaic Nyan Cat GIF, and the bidding for one of the first tweets ever that has reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

This seemingly virulent and rapidly increasing prominence of NFTs has now presented opportunities rife with exploration. As fast and furious progress on the NFT market may seem, it is an uncharted trade that can innovate in many different ways. 

Experts now present a remarkable choice for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts alike: can we print usually digital works that people know as NFTs? 

NFTs on Prints

Strange to hear? This may unsurprisingly be the case but hear world experts out. 

Universally speaking, NFTs are not confined to just one form. In typical cases, NFTs exist as digital assets, accessible exclusively through a computer screen. Art Specialist Meghan Doyle from Christie’s Contemporary explains that “Content can mature with technology. Unlike a physical work of art, it isn’t confined to one form, so it can be displayed differently decades from now.” 

There have been cases in the past where NFTs have been opened to physical versions of themselves. John Gerrard’s “Western Flag” has been given a breath of life as it was given both immortalizations through NFT and physical work. 

Rachel Rossin, multimedia artist and one of the fellows of the New Museum’s first virtual reality show went as far as admitting that she would prefer painting over JPEGs. 

Print Your NFTs

Rossin also noted that the very point of collecting anything is to bring an individual delight. She encourages experimentation on NFTs -- this includes pulling NFT from the threshold of the screen and into your bedroom wall. 

This is the reason why innovators push the boundaries of the market every day. Visionaries like NFTYINK, a group of NFT enthusiasts have gained ground on mastering the art of bringing “mint into print” in creative ways. 

NFTYINK, through seasoned artists and their competencies in graphic design, has developed premier upsizing services that will allow customers to enjoy their NFTs in all their beauty and quality. These services allow collectors to display NFTs in the best size available for the best place possible. 

By using archival ink and museum-grade substrates, NFTYINK assures quality, longevity, and durability. Customers are given choices that range from canvas, acrylic, metal, and luxe archival paper in bringing their NFT collection or artwork to life. 

“What makes NFTs interesting is that you can put them wherever you like: on a large screen or a small one, you can have a dedicated computer for your virtual reality pieces, you can build a screen wall for it. Experiment—doing what brings you delight is the point of collecting anything,” says Rossin.

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